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Love Limerick, Live Templeville

Hogan Dowling McNamara are delighted to be the appointed legal partners for the stunning new development 'Templeville', Ballinacurra Road, Punches Cross, Limerick. Templeville is a superior residential development of detached and semi-detached homes by Ballymount...

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Vaginal Mesh Implant Claims

  What they are: A vaginal mesh implant is an implant used to help treat incontinence or support internal organs.  This most commonly occurs as women age or after a number of pregnancies when for obvious reasons, the organs come under strain and pressure and can...

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How to Make a Will

The first question, is if you need to make a will at all.  In the vast majority of cases, the answer to that is yes.  If you have no money or property, then making a will just yet might be pointless.  For everyone else, a will is necessary to make sure that your money...

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How to Find a Good Solicitor

  If you’re an ordinary hard working individual and you have an accident, need to buy a house or are served with proceedings, you’re left with a confusing choice.  You need to find a Solicitor perhaps for the first time.  It must feel like finding a good doctor in a...

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Commissioner for Oaths Explained

  For most people, seeing a Commissioner for Oaths or Solicitor to have an Affidavit sworn or a Declaration witnessed is something they have not done before and it can therefore be slightly intimidating.  Believe it or not, this is how it is meant to be.  The purpose...

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Litigation issues – THE CASE FOR MEDIATION

The Courts system in Ireland is set up so that most cases settle.  The proper functioning of the system requires is dependent on cases settling.  If a case runs, it usually clogs up the system and causes delays for the many other cases listed behind it, as a result of...

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