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Bullying at work

How to deal with bullying at work The first thing to say is that bullying at work is a common situation.  The fact that you are being subjected to bullying is not a reflection on you. It is a reflection on the bully and the organisation that has facilitated it. Sometimes employers can be very lax when dealing with the perpetrator. This is because they are afraid of repercussions from the bully who often has a more forceful personality and a more senior position. For whatever reason, bullies often do well in business. If the bully is important to the employer or holds a more important or senior role, the employer will sometimes seem to side with the bully over the victim. The very first step is therefore to arm yourself. Keep a diary of the incidents and gather supporting evidence. Keep updating your diary and tracking what is happening. With your detailed diary entry of incidents and how the employer is dealing with them you will be better armed.
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Why no foal no fee Works in Personal Injuries cases

No foal no fee means that if you do not get a genuine offer or award, that you do not pay the Solicitor’s professional fee in a personal injuries case where this agreement has been reached.  Most solicitors offering this have barristers who work on the same basis.  Often engineers will also operate on the same basis.  Doctors do not do so in general and need to be paid up front for their reports regardless and will also require payment for attendance at Court hearings.
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Love Limerick, Live Templeville

Hogan Dowling McNamara are delighted to be the appointed legal partners for the stunning new development 'Templeville', Ballinacurra Road, Punches Cross, Limerick. Templeville is a superior residential development of detached and semi-detached homes by Ballymount...

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Partner Video Series – Thomas Dowling

Thomas Dowling, Personal Injuries Partner with Hogan Dowling McNamara, Solicitors Limerick tells us what motivates and drives him to make a difference for his clients.   Thomas Dowling is a Partner at Hogan Dowling McNamara Solicitors in Limerick. Thomas deals...

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Vaginal Mesh Implant Claims

What they are: A vaginal mesh implant is an implant used to help treat incontinence or support internal organs.  This most commonly occurs as women age or after a number of pregnancies when for obvious reasons, the organs come under strain and pressure and can...

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