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Medical Negligence Claims Solicitors for Limerick, Dublin & Across Ireland

Hogan Dowling McNamara Solicitors Limerick have specialist medical negligence Solicitors with a particular specialism in errors in surgery, diagnosis and medical and cosmetic treatment. We are based Castletroy in Limerick and offer services nationwide.

At Hogan Dowling McNamara Solicitors we understand the trauma that patients undergo when their surgeon, doctor or dentist has acted negligently in their care or treatment. It is often very difficult for a patient to second guess the expertise of the treating professional and to seek the advice necessary to bring a claim for injuries and harm suffered. In some cases, the negligence of the medical professional has been covered over and it is up to the patient to identify or become suspicious of medical negligence so that they obtain legal advice. On the other hand, it is sometimes unfortunately very simple for a patient to know that the wrong body part was operated on or that a defective product was inserted or such other scenarios where the fault of the medical professional speaks for itself.

The first step is to obtain your medical records and obtain an independent expert opinion on your treatment. In order to establish if there is a case in medical negligence or dental negligence, it will be necessary to prove that a medical practitioner is negligent, it is necessary to establish that no reasonably competent practitioner in the relevant field, at the relevant time, with the same qualifications and expertise, faced with the same circumstances, would have acted in the same way. The burden of proof is therefore quite high and it is all the more important to obtain expert advice from an experienced solicitor as early as possible. Hogan Dowling McNamara Solicitors act in the following areas:

  • medical negligence
  • dental negligence
  • cosmetic negligence
  • birth and pregnancy complication
  • product liability
  • surgical errors


Hogan Dowling McNamara Solicitors are happy to discuss the circumstances of your case with you and to advise you. We will tell you who we believe to be responsible for your injuries and clearly explain your options to you, enabling you to make an informed choice that best suits you and your needs. Please be aware that it is not permitted in Ireland to charge fees based on a percentage of any award.

Hogan Dowling McNamara Solicitors are conveniently located at Castletroy House, Dublin Road, Limerick with plenty of off street parking.  Please contact us by phone at 061 501100, email Thomas Dowling, Partner at [email protected] or get a call back by completing our contact form so we can provide you with further information or advice.

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