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If you are thinking about planning for the future, our solicitors can help. Hogan Dowling McNamara Solicitors LLP have many years of experience in estate planning matters and can help guide you through the process. We build relationships with our clients because it allows us to provide the best service and solutions for them. 

It can be daunting discussing your personal financial affairs with a solicitor, but we strive to put your mind at ease. To find out how our lawyers can help you with the estate planning process, get in touch with us today by calling 061 501100, email Kate O’Brien Solicitor at [email protected] or complete our online enquiry form with some brief details and we will get back to you.

The importance of estate planning

There are many aspects of estate planning, but each step focuses on protecting your wealth and passing it onto the next generation. Estate planning is not exclusively for those with vast amounts of money or property. Everyone wants to leave as much behind as possible to provide for their loved ones. Furthermore, without a proper plan in place for what will happen after you pass away, your estate could become complicated and costly disputes may arise. The estate planning process makes sure you have everything in place and allows you to decide exactly how you would like your asset to be distributed.

What is involved in estate planning?

What exactly is involved in estate planning will depend on your specific circumstances, your beneficiaries and what will be included in your estate.

Making a Will

Making a Will is the fundamental pillar of estate planning. The process of writing a Will can help you to identify all of the property, possessions and interests that will make up your estate, and you can then take further steps to protect your wealth.

Inheritance tax planning

Through proper estate planning, you can mitigate the amount of tax your estate is liable to pay. Our solicitors are highly experienced in providing advice on inheritance tax planning as part of the estate planning process and we can ensure the overall value of your assets is not reduced by inheritance tax where possible.

Family business

If you own a family business, estate planning may mean ensuring that this business is passed onto the next generation, or even sold and the profits distributed. Deciding what to do with the family business can be complicated, we can help you to understand how best to proceed. Our cross-discipline team can offer both estate planning and business advice.

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