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Hogan Dowling McNamara Solicitors LLP is a Limerick Solicitors practice offering business and personal legal services including accident and injury claims, property transactions and commercial advice to clients as local Limerick Solicitors and throughout Ireland. Conveniently located at Castletroy House, Dublin Road, Limerick please contact us if you need legal advice or assistance with any legal question.


In the interest of the health & safety of our staff and clients our office is using email, phone and video as much as possible.  We remain


If you have a query, please call us on 061 501100 or contact the relevant Solicitor handling the matter via phone or email.  She/he will then deal with your query

Fergal McNamara – [email protected]

Thomas Dowling – [email protected]

Keith Hogan – [email protected]

Kate O’Brien – [email protected]

We are meeting people by appointment with covid-19 precautions in place.  



Clients of Hogan Dowling McNamara Solicitors LLP Limerick have the unique benefit of our partner-led approach. We are hands-on and proactive at solving problems and dealing with clients’ instructions. You will deal with your Solicitor directly without and will know who’s dealing with your file and what’s happening with it at all times.  Our award winning Limerick Solicitors represent our clients without fear or favour and deliver high-quality advice and results. Our combined experience is complimented by our team’s individual areas of expertise, including personal injuries, medical negligence, property, business and banking law. We offer expert, quick, direct and cost-effective legal services from our offices at Castletroy House, Dublin Road, Limerick and throughout Ireland.



As local Limerick Solicitors we stay in touch with our clients and update clients on legal issues that may effect their cases. We do so through direct contact without legal jargon.  If you’re confused, then ask us and we’ll explain.  We aim to be always available to meet with you, take your calls or answer your emails.  We give straight answers and simple explanations. We do not hide behind letters or equivocal advice.  Our aim is to achieve the best result possible in your case and to keep you informed throughout the process.


Building professional relationships with our clients is a vital part of how we do business. Our award winning Limerick Solicitors have a reputation for an open door policy. We encourage clients to collaborate with us and discuss their queries or concerns. By being accessible, we preempt clients’ concerns and offer professional, practical advice without unnecessary delays. We make ourselves available to meet with you at all times and to deal with your needs as efficiently as possible.  This allows us to represent clients and their interests to the best of our abilities.


As local Limerick Solicitors we communicate clearly, directly and openly with our clients throughout their cases.  We do not want clients to be confused about information that matters to them and their cases. We therefore avoid all legal jargon and focus on explaining things simply , directly and without equivocation.  We keep clients informed of progress and new legal developments. We encourage clients to pick up the phone or drop us an email if they wish to speak to us about any aspect of their case.  Open lines of communication are a key part of our legal service and one of the reasons our Limerick Solicitors have received a number of legal awards for excellence.


As award winning local Limerick Solicitors provide a legal service with no hidden costs. We are upfront with our clients on the legal costs, third-party fees and outlays associated with their case.  We have a transparent fee structure. Our clients are fully aware of the exact services they are paying for. From the beginning, they know how much their case will cost.  Even though most personal injury claims are no win no fee and the Defendant covers the legal costs we still provide costs estimates and the basis of the costs.  We never charge a percentage of an award in personal injuries cases as this is not permitted in Ireland.  

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