Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence

What they are:

A vaginal mesh implant is an implant used to help treat incontinence or support internal organs.  This most commonly occurs as women age or after a number of pregnancies when for obvious reasons, the organs come under strain and pressure and can sometimes bulge into places they should not be.  When more conservative treatment methods don’t resolve the issue, the gynaecologist or urologist might suggest a vaginal mesh implant to help support the vaginal wall and prevent the organs bulging out of position causing incontinence, severe discomfort, problems with sex and indeed their day to day lives can be drastically affected.

The Problem:

In some cases, the polypropylene mesh can shrink, erode or break down into more than one piece, move internally, and ultimately stick into an organ or other soft tissues causing damage or severe pain.  This can have devastating consequences if not caught in time.  If you are one of the women affected, you might have a claim.  If you were not made aware of the risks, then you should consult with your medical advisors about whether you should keep the mesh or not and you should consult with a Solicitor about the possibility of bringing a claim.

The Pay-outs:

The manufacturers of one of the impugned meshes (now discontinued), has set aside $2.6 billion to meet claims over the flawed medical devices.  Other medical device companies are also facing significant claims.

What Next:

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