PERSONAL INJURIES – Accidents and Falls in Public Places

Accidents and Falls in Public Places Solicitors for Limerick, Dublin & Across Ireland

Hogan Dowling McNamara Solicitors, Limerick provide specialist personal injuries services for all types of accidents, including accidents and falls in public places. We are based in Limerick and offer services nationwide. We help accident victims claim redress when they have been involved in slip, trip or fall accidents where they have sustained personal injury. If your accident occurred on a public footpath e.g. pavement, path or public road you would make a claim against the person responsible for maintaining it – usually the local authority, though sometimes a private person or company or management company.  Local authorities are under a duty to ensure that public pavements and roads are in a safe state for public use. Other examples of slip, trip and fall accidents include accidents on premises such as a supermarket, shop or visiting other public or private premises. The owners or occupier of all such locations owe a duty of care to ensure all visitors to their premises are safe.  Hogan Dowling McNamara Solicitors Limerick deal with claims in the following areas:

  • accidents on roads, footpaths or pavements
  • supermarket or shop premises slips or falls
  • slip and trip on wet floors such as in hospitals or schools
  • injuries suffered by children at playgrounds, crèches or sports centres
  • injuries to cyclists, motorcyclists or motorist by potholes in the road
  • accidents at activity centres

Hogan Dowling McNamara Solicitors, Limerick are happy to discuss the circumstances of your case with you and to advise. We will tell you who we believe to be responsible for your injuries and clearly explain your options to you, enabling you to make an informed choice that best suits you and your needs. Please be aware that it is not permitted in Ireland to charge fees based on a percentage of any award.

The personal injuries department of Hogan Dowling McNamara Solicitors Limerick is headed up by Thomas Dowling Solicitor who is an expert in this area.

Hogan Dowling McNamara Solicitors are conveniently located at Castletroy House, Dublin Road, Limerick with plenty of off street parking.  Please contact us by phone at 061 501100, email Thomas Dowling, Partner at [email protected] or get a call back by completing our contact form so we can provide you with further information or advice.


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